le'ts start!

Podere 1925 was born from the ancient passion of Vincenzo Di Maro who, at the beginning of the 20th century, founded a small winery. In 1956 the activity and the first artisan and peasant harvest began.

the business is born!

Then developed by his son-in-law Nicola who will combine the love of wine with the mentality entrepreneurial, the business will grow and will constantly evolve without though never lose the company character of family.
Anni '90

change of pace

This is how it has been for almost a century and with the desire to produce excellent wines, the Di Maro family searches and selects carefully select the best quality grapes coming from southern Italy but not only (Campania, Sicily, Puglia and Abruzzo). From maximum importance is always given to accurate qualitative analyzes of grape varieties: sugar level, acidity and maturation curve are the bases that determine the moment with certainty just right for the collection. From the early 2000s, heavy investments in technology and organization began and the first direct sales points were inaugurated.

the new age

The dream of the Di Maro family transform the selected grapes into excellent ones wines, led the small company of the past to then become the Podere brand 1925: a modern reality, strengthened by tradition and ideals of the past but consolidated by production technologies and cutting-edge bottling.