A new generation of winemakers

The desire to produce a good wine starts from an activity of careful research and selection of quality vines, mainly from southern Italy and beyond (Campania, Sicily, Puglia and Abruzzo), after a careful analysis of a sampling of grapes evaluating the sugar content, the acidity and the maturation curve of the product to determine the right time for harvesting.

The Di Maro family’s dream of transforming selected grapes into excellent wine led the small winery to give birth to the Podere 1925 label, born out of tradition and sharing the ideals of yesteryear while simultaneously making use of cutting-edge technology.

The valorisation of the territory and the promotion of the realities of Campania, with the aim of bringing good wine closer not only to more expert consumers, represent the main stimuli to improve and continue to grow.

In 1953, Vincenzo di Maro founded the family business, his son-in-law Nicola, with his entry in 1978, contributed to the growth which culminated with the opening of two sales points in 2001 and 2008. His son Raffaele, who has been at the helm of the company since 2008, promotes the same ideals as ever, gaining ever more support in the wine world supported by his sisters and father.

Starting from the knowledge and love for wine, handed down for three generations, to guarantee the quality of the products, making use of the experience of work carried out over more than a hundred years.

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